Digital Pedagogy Lab – Design, Day 2

Sunshine" Enjoying your stay in Fredericksburg, Lauren?

Action Plan, continued…

  1. How might you share what you’ve learned at DPLI with your colleagues and continue conversations about critical approaches on your campus?

After discussing the notion of digital sanctuary and issues of data collection, I think I want to bring A Domain of One’s Own to Stockton. I might apply for internal funding, call it a pilot, and have my students create their own domains where they can display there work, especially as a final project. (I would have an alternate assignment for those students who do not wish to have a domain.) I think something like this might have some buy-in, but not across all groups. I know as a student I loved having my own website, but all of my content disappeared when I graduated. (Talk about expunging data.) I never had the option to then pay for my own digital space.

I have zero energy left to think on this further, but I am excited to look into this idea.

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