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…And We’re Back.

I woke up at 4:45 AM to update the Tutoring Center website.

Now, I realize the above sentence may imply that I set out to get up early and update the website. That is patently false. I woke up to the thought that there were still some updates that I hadn’t done, and I could not fall back to sleep. So, to work I went.

I worked for over an hour and a half on the updates. I think it was a good thing I got up so early. The website was good and ready when normal people started to wake up. Like me on a normal day.

Zoom is a nightmare. My tutors and I are getting kicked out of meetings, I’m deliberately ending meetings that Zoom thinks I’m hosting even though I’m not even in that room, fielding texts and phone calls from colleagues and tutors reporting problems. I’m spent. SPENT!

I have already put in my required 7 hours of work (1 hour unpaid lunch. It’s not even 3pm). But it was 7 hours of straight work. No yelling down the hall something funny or unbelievable, students popping in asking questions and chatting, none of that. Working from home makes me more productive, but, man, is my brain drained. I also think I’m getting a touch of carpal tunnel.

But, my colleagues, during a Zoom meeting, calmed my nerves and my frustrations. We had an end-of-day happy hour meeting. It made things easier and helped me not take things so seriously.

Thanks, y’all.

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