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I sweat the small stuff.

Last week, the above was all I could write. I had to take many steps back and manage my expectations of my ability to do everything right the first time.

I hated everything. Every one got on my nerves. The innocuous note letting me know that a link was broken made me swear at anything that moved. My husband, smartly, stayed upstairs and did not try to intervene.

But the work frustrations are only part of the stress.

My MS, which was doing better before all this, has flared up, making my legs numb from the knees down. That numbness makes it difficult to walk even short distances. My ankles roll because I can’t quite figure out where all my weight is. Saturday night, I thought a cat was on my foot, but it was just my other foot.

The treatment would normally be three days of IV steroids. However, I would have to go to an infectious disease doctor’s office for the treatment (right now? no thanks.). I keep telling myself that if I just get up and move more, it will help–and it will, just not to the extent that I would like. I try to stand up every hour. I did get up every hour today. I also almost fell down the stairs.

I have an appointment with my neurologist next week. At least, I hope I do. I also have my fourth dose of TYSABRI, my MS therapy. At least, I hope I do.

I can do this for 30+ more days, right?

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