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Telecommuting. Day 1

I finally have an office with a window. And cats.

But, it had a high cost.

I’m immunosuppressed due to some medication that slows down the progression of my Multiple Sclerosis. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, voluntary isolation is the responsible action for both myself and my colleagues. But, mostly for myself.

This week, normally spring break, I plan on moving my course from a hybrid to fully-online, getting the Tutoring Center website updated with new online tutoring schedules, and setting up a calendar for advising. I wanted to document this experience, mostly inspired by a colleague from another institution Dr. Tineke D’Haeseleer’s (@tinebeest) tweet announcing the same.

I met Tineke at last year’s Digital Pedagogy Lab, so it seems appropriate that I would find inspiration for moving online from her. She also convinced me that it was time to get back into fiber arts. You can read her blog here

I’m actually really good at thinking on my feet and creative solutions. I thrive when things are chaotic (I’m also exhausted, but it’s the kind of exhaustion after a good day’s work). I feel highly-valued for my technical expertise (did I really just call myself an expert? Where’s that imposture syndrome?), and I want to make sure everyone has what they need to rise to the challenge/crisis.

Jasper, a tiger-striped tabby cat sleeping on a blue ottoman.

All from the couch. With cats.

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