Digital Pedagogy Lab- Design, Day 3

Sunshine: How did you sleep, Lauren?

Action Plan, assignments

Today, I am exhausted. These sessions are full of ideas, questions, and sharing that sometimes it’s overwhelming. One thing that I am immediately interested in taking away from today is embracing multiple modalities in assessing learning. Originally, I had three essays and a final project planned for my freshman seminar this fall, but now I’m considering assigning one true essay, maybe in the middle, and the other assignments can be in another medium. One of the essential learning outcomes is communication, but that includes oral and writing, so I can meet that with podcasts or video assignments. And I anecdotally know that students produce better work when they are excited about the assignment. I just hope that I can figure out how much time is necessary to produce the kind of work that I am interested in.

I have a lot of questions. I suppose getting to actually writing some assignments will reveal some answers, highlight possible problems, and frustrate the hell out of me. Awesome.

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