Living with MS

Walking on Knives

When I was seven, Disney’s The Little Mermaid was in the theaters. My sister was in the hospital (she had cystic fibrosis), and I was staying with relatives. I would have to wait until my sister was home before seeing the movie. My grandmother gave me a beautifully illustrated edition of Hans Christian Andersen’s version… Read More Walking on Knives

Telecommuting, Thinking/Learning


I started the below post on March 31st. I never published it (I got involved, got distracted). While I am no longer feeling quite so paranoid, I think I still want to remember these feelings. I think I also want others to know that they are not alone in these feelings. They are real. They… Read More Counting

Telecommuting, Thinking/Learning

Zoom Zoom

I sweat the small stuff. Last week, the above was all I could write. I had to take many steps back and manage my expectations of my ability to do everything right the first time. I hated everything. Every one got on my nerves. The innocuous note letting me know that a link was broken… Read More Zoom Zoom